Weapon Charges

Weapons charges can be very serious in California especially when they are coupled with other charges. Some of the most common weapons charges faced by our clients include:

• Felon with a firearm – It is illegal for any felon, person convicted or particular misdemeanors, or drug addicts to carry a firearm.

• Possession of assault weapons – it is a crime to possess highly dangerous offensive weapons withich are unambiguously hazardous including: all AK series rifles, Uzis, and some semi-automatic rifles.

• Shooting at an inhabited dwelling or occupied vehicle

• Sentencing enhancements for personally using a firearm – if you personally discharged a firearm while committing or attempting to commit certain felonies you may face extra punishment on top of the punishment for the underlying felony. If you used a gun you mayreceived 10 extra years in person. if you fired a gun you may received 20 extra years and if you shoot and kill or seriously injure another person, you face 25 years to life.

The criminal defense attorneys at Romero and Associates are experienced in successfully defending serious weapons charges. Our attorneys have experience in negotiating with prosecutors to reduce serious weapons charges and sentencing enhancements.


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