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The California Penal Code 1000 PC (known as the deferred entry of judgment—or DEJ—program) allows defendants to enter a drug rehabilitation program instead of entering the criminal justice system.

Facts About Drug Diversion

For eligible defendants, the deferred entry of judgment program suspends all criminal court proceedings while they are allowed to attempt the completion of a drug program.

To enact a DEJ defense, the defendant enters a guilty plea, but the judge will suspend all proceedings meaning that the defendant is not convicted of any charges—this period usually last between 18 and 36 months.

The program that the defendant enters must be certified by a county drug program administrator and include:

–          An assessment of the defendant

–          A minimum of 20 hours of counseling and/or drug education

–          An exit conference during which the defendant will reflect on what he or she learned.

If the defendant successfully completed the program, the judge will dismiss all the charges and the defendant may say he or she has never been arrested or convicted of any crimes.

Drug Diversion Eligibility

To be eligible for a DEJ program, the defendant must:

–          Have possessed the drugs for personal use rather than for sales.

–          The crime in question must have not involved any violence or threats of violence.

Other factors may play a role in the court’s decision of whether to recommend a DEJ program including the defendant’s:

–          Criminal history

–          Employment

–          Age

–          Education

–          Prior drug or treatment history

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