Third Strike Cases

The California “Three Strikes” sentencing scheme can mean serious prison time even if the charges you face are not that serious. Basically the “Three Strikes” law mandates a term of 25-years-to-life for a person who has been found guilty of certain felonies. The basic purpose is to further punish repeat offenders. This law has been at the center of much recent controversy because it has not proven to stop repeat offenders, and as resulted in the mass overcrowding of the California prison system.

The “Three Strikes” law classifies certain serious and violent felonies as “strikes.” If you have a previous “strike” on your criminal record and face prosecution for another “strike” offense, you face a more serious punishment. If you already have two “strikes” on your record and face any felony charge you face a mandatory 25-years-to-life sentence if found guilty.

Due to the serious threat to your freedom, third strike cases may be the most important time to retain an attorney who is experienced in fighting the sentencing scheme. The attorneys at Romero and Associates have argued their clients’ positions in court to get prior “strikes” stricken from their record for sentencing purposes.


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