Attorney Profiles

Romero & Associates represents two generations of legal excellence.


Stephen M. Romero was drafted from the streets of Los Angeles to the jungles of Vietnam where he was wounded in combat on the front lines of the Vietnam War. Upon his return, he embarked upon a political campaign as a leader in M.E.C.H.A., a member of the Brown Beret organization, and as an organizer of the Raza Unida Political Party. Understanding the injustices that surrounded him, Stephen decided to attain a law degree, which he used to help communities for close to three decades. 

During his prominent career, Stephen M. Romero was defense counsel in South Pasadena’s biggest murder trial in the city’s history. The trial was actually turned into a book entitled “Smoked.” In 1993, Stephen was deemed an honored member of “Quien es Quien” in U.S. Commerce. Stephen M. Romero is currently retired.